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Annie's BathTime Treats

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Please read the whole description before purchasing :) 

contains; Isopropyl Alcohol, Aqua, Aloe Vera Gel, Glycerin, Polysorbate20, fragrance (if scent is selected) PLEASE NOTE: This may end up with a thin white layer on the bottom of your bottle, this is totally fine! this is the polysorbate20, and excess aloe.

This is NOT a gel.

My recipe has been made in consultation with a qualified microbiologist and Any questions I can put you in contact with him. As we are using only the necessary ingredients, no filler, there is no thickener added meaning this is a liquid. 
6 scents available at the moment. 

PLEASE note this is Pre-order sales  Due to high volume, Supply and demand we are expecting around a 7 day waiting period, Thankyou for your patience and understanding :) 17/02/2020

24/3/2020- As of today all orders before this date have been sent.

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